computerized mat cutter

Artmen Frame & Glass Co uses a state of the art Computerised Mat Cutter.

The Computerised Mat Cutter offers speed, quality and precision that is difficult if not impossible to achieve with a manual or bench top mat cutter. A huge variety of opening shapes can be created as well as the ability to engrave and deboss your mount boards.

From production runs for photographers, artists and standard works to complicated designs with multiple and/or groupings of openings to decorative features, we can cater to your requirements.

Using a computerized mat cutter, we can design and execute the most intricate designs possible.

Flexibility is the Key

Regardless of what you want to frame, we can cut a mat that will do it perfectly

- All single and multi window mats are available
Multi window mats? If you have a design in mind,
just fax or email a rough sketch to us and we will
format it for you
- All window dimensions are fully adjustable to suit
your artwork
- Window shape is optional (ie. circles or ovals)
- Double mats in all styles
- Decorative ā€œVā€ Grooves can be added if desired
- Decorative "Words" can be added if desired

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