Cliprail pro
Size : 1.5M
Cliprail Max
Size : 1.5M
STAS cobra + perlon cord
Size : 1.5M
STAS cobra + steel cable
Size : 1.5M
STAS smartspring
Size : 4.4Kg
Stas Zipper
Size : 10Kg
Picture hanging systems: the best way to hang your pictures!
How to hang a picture without nails
If you don’t want to damage your walls by hammering nails or drilling holes in them…use a picture hanging system! Check out the shop to choose your picture hanging system.
Once the picture rail is mounted on your wall or ceiling, you will never have to drill any holes or use nails or screws to hang a picture again.
The various patented picture hanging systems which are manufactured by STAS can be mounted on any wall or ceiling. Using the additional picture rail hooks and cords, adding, replacing or rearranging wall decorations could not be any easier.

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